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green city, green technologies

Make your city more green with green technology for better life. Save our children, save our world

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what is greeny?

Greeny is a startup that focuses on technologies for green city using green technologies. Greeny develops technologies for making futuristic city without making any waste and pollution, also Greeny is using environmental friendly concepts and also saving resources technologies with maximal result/output

Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

All of our technologies that we use are environmental friendly

3R Concept Base

3R Concept Base

We use Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle concept in our technologies

Saving Resource

Saving Resource

We make our technologies with min resources & max output

Windimill Illustration

what we use

Solar Panel

solar panel

Solar thermal can be converted to an electric energy using solar panel, it's an environment friendly!



Windmill is a technology that converts move of a wind to be electrical energy for free!

Water Turbine

water turbine

Your city is nearby with river? Its time to use water turbine to make electric energy & its env. friendly!

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why choose us?

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transparency pricing & process

We always make our pricing and process as transparent as we can, if all of them are transparent it make us working with our full heart and you don't need to worry about the payment and etc.

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step by step development

We always develop the technologies step by step and we never skip one step through. Good development is from an order of small steps that make it all more detailed and more arranged.

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integrated & realtime monitoring

Our technologies are integrated with all of our technologies ecosystem. You want to monitor it every time? Yes, you got it. Also our technologies can be monitored from your mobile device anywhere, anytime.

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trusted & guaranteed products

Discussion with client is our culture. It makes you and us more comfortable before we start developing. Also we have trusted partners from big company that makes us trustworthy. Our technologies will always be monitored as we guaranteed.